Don’t you just love a well-told story? One that captivates you from page one, takes you on a wild ride of emotions, intensifying your inner turmoil in a nerve-wrecking crescendo, before sending you back to reality with a deep sense of longing – even loss – and an inkling that your life will forever be changed.

This is the kind of story we want to read. This is the reason this endeavor exists. We’re a dedicated team of book enthusiasts who want to foster those kind of books. We don’t want mediocre, we want amazing. Stunning. Breathtaking.

It’s time that all the passionate and admirable writers out there courageously follow their calling and thrive in their chosen profession.

This nook on the Internet provides the platform for sharing our knowledge, to connect with like-minded people and to make a dent in the existing authors world. Stay in contact, join fun challenges and share your own insights.

There is one hero who never gets mentioned in a story. One who stays behind the curtain, pulling the strings. One whose story is left untold, but who is of essential importance: the author. You.

Writing and crafting a story is an epic and challenging quest that consumes endless hours and tremendous effort. Oftentimes this journey follows an unknown path through lots of trial and error.

Lighting this path and providing a compass to steer those uncharted waters is our mission. We want to empower you to write a game-changing story. One that taps its full potential and leaves your readers wanting more.

We don’t stop there though. You and every author deserve a chance at making a living through your passion. Owning a degree in business certainly isn’t necessary though an entrepreneurial spirit comes in handy. We will show you the steps and strategies to getting from a finished book to earning an income.

Together we will turn this adventure into a huge success!

We wholeheartedly believe in our mission. If you don’t believe you can, why would you even try? We trust the process and our abilities.

Every problem has a solution and each obstacle can be conquered. We commit to finding a way.

There is no quick fix, no short cut, no silver bullet. You want it – you gotta put in the work. Period.

Wasting precious time doing useless stuff for the sake of doing is not out cup of tea. We do not want to be busy and feel stressed, we want to be productive and feel energized.

Work smarter, not harder. Are you making progress?

Planning without action gets you nowhere, while action without a plan makes you busy. We commit to having a plan and then actually acting on it.

Making a living as an author is tedious and hard. There are countless other easier ways to make money if you don’t burn for the lifestyle. Don’t waste your time following someone elses dream. Do chase it if it is your fuel though.

It doesn’t matter how often we fall down as long as we don’t forget to pick ourselves up again. Setbacks are lessons and out next step to move forward. Failure is only definite once you give up.

We know that life is the greatest teacher of all. We strive for the opportunity to learn and grow and we commit to never grow complacent.

The ability to learn and consequently grow and progress is one of the greatest gifts of all.

The foundation of successful collaboration lies in mutual respect. We accept and respect each other and our views.

Discrimination and insults of any kind are an absolute no-go. People sharing racism, hate, sexism or other degrading comments are not welcome here. At all.

A writers life can be an isolating occupation. We want to change that and establish strong connections between like-minded authors.

We believe that we’ll make greater leaps if we all work together and learn from each other.

We own our words and actions. If we make a mistake we say so and take responsibility and work on a solution. We value your trust and do our best to earn it.

With only a dash of kindness and compassion the world becomes a warmer place. We let our words and actions be led by loving kindness and we encourage you to do the same.