The new year started merely two weeks ago and I fear lots of us are probably already lost in our everyday lives. Gone are those resolutions, thoses wished for a better future. Maybe you’re still fighting for whatever change you wanted to see in your life though. Or you feel the quiet longing deep inside of you to make something happen. If that’s you, keep reading.

Change can be hard, I get it. You’re stuck with those same old limiting beliefs, the same old demotivating thoughts and the emotions that come along with it. It’s those deeply ingrained beliefs that build a wall around you that you seemingly can’t break free from. Repetition over the years only made them stronger and stronger.

To bypass this resistance we’re going to take a completely different route today. You’re going to create an alter ego for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I used to create lots and lots of different personalities when I was a kid and pretended to be them. Play pretend was a fun way to walk in someone elses shoes. Who didn’t pretend to be a cop or a detective at some point? I remember feeling both confident and brave and I looked at my surroundings with different eyes. Suddenly I perceived way more details in search of clues.

Another time that I vividly remember was during a rather trying period of my teenage years. I had to do a lot of things and felt lost and underappreciated. To make it easier for me I actually pretended to be a maid whose job it was to do all that. This actually lifted the weight off of my shoulders and made me feel stronger.

Those experiences appeared in my mind some time ago and I’ve been quite fixed on the idea to use this as a tool for change. And I’ve actually been using it quite successfully for some time now.

The Idea

Change would be a lot easier if we wouldn’t have to fight our own beliefs, thoughts and routines. What if – instead of fighting your status quo – you simply layer another reality over it? Imagine being an assertive person who stands her own ground, despite you being shy and introverted. Or pretend to be someone who enjoys getting up in the morning and going for a run, someone who’s doing this for a long time already.

Creating an alter ego is a very personal process, because it’s the creation of the person you actually want to be. It’s yourself on steroids. It’s the person capable of change. The you who is already living the change.

You don’t need to be a completely different person. Your alter ego is just you with those traits or habits that you long for. Or to put it differently, your alter ego is your ideal self.

Why it Works

For your alter ego behaving and thinking in your desired way is nothing new. It’s part of your ideal selfs identity and reality. If you pretend to be this person, you realize that all your doubts and fears aren’t as strong, because they are not part of the person you impersonate. This makes actually taking action in your own best interest much easier.

My own alter ego for example is pretty confident and comfortable in her whole being. She has an empowering mindset and she knows that she will always find a way. I feed off of her confidence and I rest in her security that there is always a solution to everything. Acting as her allows me to step out of my comfort zone and slowly grow into my ideal self.

One thing I want to mention here is to keep your alter ego a secret. Talking about him or her kind of robs you of the magic and in case someone laughs at the idea or your alter ego, you may feel ridiculous or uncomfortable. You should feel powerful and in control when acting as your higher self and you lose that if someone makes fun of it. Just keep quiet about it – like Clark Kent – and watch your life change for the better.

How To

To create your alter ego think about beliefs, thoughts, habits or actions that you want to integrate in your life. Then you can form a person in your mind that embodies all of this. I found it easiest to imagine a completely different person, because thinking of it as a better me ties it too closely to my own insecurities. Create a person who is everything you want to be. You may even give your alter ego a name if you wish. I did and it made this whole experience more real, but do as you see fit.

Then you may use this identity in whichever way you like.

You can use a timer to remind yourself regularly to take a moment to turn into your alter ego to figure out your behaviour or your next steps. You can also use a physical reminder like a bracelet or a picture that represents or reminds you of your new identity. Or you can simply summon your ideal self whenever you think of it.

In moments of doubts don’t project your own insecurities or weaknesses on your alter ego. Those are not part of your alter ego, but of your old self. Take a step back and turn into your alter ego. Feel his or her feelings and think her thoughts and then act accordingly.

Also don’t project your alter ego outside of yourself, but actually impersonate them. This is the person you want to turn into after all.

Of course this whole approach is a process and you won’t transform into a completely different person overnight. But it allows for a fresh and powerful perspective whenever you use your alter ego. If you do this long and consistently enough you can watch your alter ego morph into your real identity. And it’s quite fun as well 🙂

What do you think? Did you have identities you pretended to be when you were young? Will you give this idea a try?

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