Todays topic is one that most of you probably heard about before. There are different ways to actually write your first draft, but I’’m a huge advocate for writing your first draft without editing what you write. Let me explain my reasons.

First and foremost we’’re talking about a first draft here. I don’’t know about you, but most peoples first drafts are… suboptimal. A raw diamond which needs tons of work and polishing, before it’’s ready for display. If you try to produce beautiful and well-crafted sentences along the way, chances are you’’re wasting a lot of time, because you may have to rewrite whole paragraphs or even chapters. All those nice sentences go to waste, not to mention the time it took to actually write them.

You’’re also making it much harder for yourself to make bold adjustments. It’’s hard to discard whole passages when you took the time to write them in the first place. It’’s even harder though when you spent an extra amount of time to polish the words you now have to erase. Even if you know that it is for the best of the overall story.

Another reason why I’’m against editing on the go is the way humans work. We all know that switching between tasks uses mental energy, which is a limited resource. I’’ve found – for me at least – that this applies to writing and editing as well. When I edit while writing I tend to be exhausted much more quickly.

Additionally to that, it’’s also easy to lose track of the different scenes and descriptions. During writing you have the big picture in your mind, but when you polish sentences, you’’re focusing on small details that don’’t relate to the actual story.

All of this is not to say that there are no exceptions. If you’’re someone who flourishes when writing and editing at the same time, by all means keep rocking! If however you feel that some of the things I’’ve mentioned apply to you, then you may want to focus on writing first and editing later.

That’’s it for today. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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