I love books. Stories. Written escapes to distant lands and daring adventures. Maybe it was, because we weren’t allowed to watch lots of TV. Maybe it’s, because my mom made sure we had access to our local library. Or I’m simply a born bookworm. I don’t really care for the reason, but I know that books are incredibly important to me. They taught me important lessons about friendship and values, they let my imagination run free and let me experience a thousand lives. Below I’ve selected 5 books which are all-time favorites of mine.

The Famous Five

This adorable series of children’s adventure novels written by Enid Blyton accompanied me for a very long time and I loved it immensely. I remember saving my pocket money to buy a new adventure if I couldn’t get it from our local library. These books taught me to value friendship and it took me along on great adventures.

Pippi Longstocking

I adore little Pippi with her red hair and freckled face. Written by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren the books revolve around a spirited young girl who lives a rather unconventional and fun life. I learned to care a little less about what other people think and that being different is not only good, but way more interesting than leading an ordinary life.

The Secret Garden

This children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett sparked the wish to one day own a huge and magical garden myself. I always loved the outdoors and my grandparents’ garden was a place that I loved to be. The development of the character of Mary Lennox was completely fascinating to me, because I couldn’t stand the spoiled brat in the beginning, but liked her very much when she got in touch with the gardens and nice and caring people.

Harry Potter

I was 9 years old when the first book got published in Germany and the series stayed with me up to this day. No book has had or will have the impact that these books had on me. Not only was it my escape, it was home. I remember the times my mother read it to me and my brother, I recall the moments when I read it to my brother and the ones where I simply read it by myself. Those memories are incredibly precious to me. The friendship, the feelings of home, the adventure and the magic. All of this enriched my life to no end.


The book that has been written by Christopher Paolini was especially captivating, because the author began writing the book when he was 15 years old. The same age I was when I first read it. Loving fantasy and adventure, a book about a boy my age and dragons had to be a hit. One thing that I found especially intriguing was Paolinis play with good and evil, because what seemed to be evil turned out to be quite different. Especially compared to works like The Lord of the Rings where orcs are presented simply as dumb and evil creatures, I found a more multilayered world amazing.

Books and stories have played a major role throughout my whole life and the ones I’ve mentioned here are merely some highlights. It was rather difficult to decide what not to include in here, because the list of great books is oh so long. What are some highlights of your own? What’s your favorite book and why?

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