There are a lot of reasons why you would stop writing for some time. Vacations, illnesses, stagnation and lack of motivation, a writing blockage or simply life itself. The longer the break expands the harder it usually is to start again. But it doesn’t have to be.

The Fear of the Comeback

Starting again is often connected with fear. Fear that prevents you from actually getting started. The most common ones are:


  • Fear of writing worse and not being able to write with the same quality as your already written work.

  • Overwhelm if you’ve lost touch with your story and have to take some time wo get back into it.

Getting back to Writing

The best time to start again is always right now. It gets harder and harder for every day you think about writing and don’t actually do it.

Just because you think your writing will be worse than before, doesn’t mean that this is actually true. If you want to know how you’re doing, you’ll just have to sit down and write. Don’t think about it and just start.
Even if you feel that your writing worsened, it’s not the end. Maybe it takes some time for you to get back to your old form. So what? Practise and it’ll get better soon. And remember… your first draft will probably be pretty crappy anyway, but you always have your editing mode lateron to fix it.

Working your way back into your story may need some time, but it’s less intimidating than it feels right now. Take some time and read your story to get a feel of the flow and your characters. Usually you’ll remember a lot quite quickly.
If your break was on the shorter end, reading the last few chapters will probably be enough. If the break was longer it may be helpful to read the full script. Though it may take a while it is well worth the investment.
On a positive note: Since you have some distance to your story, it’s much easier to spot mistakes or inconsistencies in your draft. This is incredibly helpful to get your novel to the next level. Maybe you’ll even think of new ideas to incorporate. Win!

Please share your own experiences about breaks and comebacks. I hope you’ll push yourself to start writing today and fight your way back into the zone.

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