I’ve been thinking a lot lately about this seemingly busy and frantic everyday life of ours. Even when there isn’t much to do, I still feel stretched and restless. Do you know that feeling? I guess it has a lot to with me being an introvert, because I thrive on mindful solitude, through which I can reconnect with my soul. If I don’t have this me-time, I lose my inner balance it seems.
With time and lots of reflection I realized, that this never ending connectivity to the whole world drives me insane. I, and I guess a lot of other people as well, need time to think and feel; disconnected and in a calm state of solitude. Though with todays devices and especially with the addiction that comes along with it, it’s harder and harder to actually be alone with our thoughts and feelings.

When I was in my early teenage years, my family and I went to the Baltic and German Sea a lot. We used to rent a house there and explore the regions. Those were quiet days. This was before smartphones and mobile Internet. I remember those times so vividly, because that was the time that I seriously started writing stories. I just had nothing else to to. I was bored! What an amazing feeling! I actually miss that feeling. Boredom is such a bothersome and amazingly creative state of being. Honestly, I can’t really remember the last time that I was bored. Our bodies seem to be programmed to evade this uncomfortable feeling at all cost and todays technology makes it way to easy to give in to mindless distraction. I know I would have distracted myself in those isolated vacation houses, but there just was no way to do so. No television, no internet. No Pinterest or Social Media. Nothing of the sort. And I had such an amazing time there. I miss it.
I also feel this heartfelt desire to slip into those peaceful days in the Shire and join those simple minded hobbits in their pursuit to watch things grow. Peaceful.
This made me realize that I have to change a few things in my life. I need to find my calm again. I need to feel connected to my core. And I know that my lower impulses will sabotage me as much as possible. Believe me, I’ve tried already. Lots of times.

Enforce Disconnection

As much as it feels like we have to be connected all the time or we’ll miss out on… everything. It’s simply not true. The world doesn’t change in a few hours and we won’t lose our friends if we don’t immediately reply to each and every message.
Since I know that I can’t trust myself, when it comes to those enticing distractions, I’m turning to brute force now. Do you know that you can install Add-Ons in your browser, that you can configure to block certain sites or even the whole Internet? And that there are similar options or rather apps that do the same on your smartphone? There are a lot of tools available these days, we just have to use them!

I use LeechBlock for Firefox and Stay Focused for my Android for now. I still need to configure Stay Focused, but I’ve been using LeechBlock for quite some time now and I love it! You have lots of different ways to set up your barrier depending on your needs. For the time being, I’ve blocked my personal weaknesses, like Pinterest and Youtube, for a certain amount of time each day. And I need to setup my smartphone as well as soon as possible.

Some of you might think that I’m crazy now, I guess. And I apologize for ranting my way through this post, but I felt like sharing what’s going on inside me. Maybe you have your own struggle in todays world as well and I’m confident that we owe it to ourselves to find peace and calmness again. I hope to find this elusive friend called boredom and my own peace of mind again soon. You’re welcome to join me!

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