Before we dive into the details of writing and publishing our novels I want to put the counterpart of writing into the spotlight: reading.
Reading is, in my humble opinion, one of our basic human needs. It’s one of mine at least! Reading has tremendous effects on the reader and I think it is an important part of human development.


Books contain a ton of knowledge and wisdom and provide insight into new worlds. We’re free to dive deep into different topics matching our various knowledge levels and doing that at our very own speed. The selection of different books is endless. Interested in Ikebana, the Japanese art to arrange flowers? Need an essay about the theory of relativity? Desire tips for human interaction? Or an entertaining walk through history?

Empathy and understanding

Stories have the fascinating power to let the reader look and feel into the heads and hearts of the characters. No movie is able to let the viewer get this level of understanding, because we’re dependent on the facial expressions, the atmosphere and the spoken word to conclude something about the inner workings of a person. A book is able to simply put it into words.


Fantasy is this intriguing talent to imagine something. A book improves each persons imagination through giving us scenarios and situations without an actual picture. It’s up to us, the reader, to imagine the sight, smells and noises to make a story come alive. Even more, a good story enhances our imagination and let’s us think thoughts we wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.


There are a lot of different ways to wind down and relax. Meditation, exercise or even a cold beer. For me, reading is one of the best ways to leave everything behind and get lost in another world. A good book captures me and let’s me forget everyday worries and struggles.


Every good novel allows the reader to dive deep into another story, world or even universe. For a few bucks we’re able to climb the Himalayas, civilize Mars or fight in the war on Middle Earth.


I’m fascinated how books have shaped my moral concepts throughout my life. Through books I learned about the importance of friendship, honesty and altruism. I understood different points of view and the motivations of people. I once read that reading Harry Potter decreases rasissm and bullying. Amazing, right?

Broaden the horizon

Understanding and getting to know other cultures, having contact with different fields of knowledge and getting to know different kinds of protagonists and characters helps to augment our reality and enriches our lifes on so many levels.

In my opinion, reading simply makes you a better human 🙂

And as authors we’re able to soak up so much information! We get a feeling for language, the way scenes work, how descriptions are used and the different ways to structure a plot. That’s double the motivation to sink deep into the next book. Enjoy 🙂

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