I’m sure you know the feeling: You lie in bed or commute to work or sit in a café when it suddenly happens – a great idea lights up in your head! And when you finally get home you make the shocking discovery that the idea is gone. Vanished without a trace. Although you remember having had the most wonderful idea it somehow got lost on the way.
I hate when that happens and I sure you don’t like it either, do you? Here is how to prevent this from happening in the future.


They are inexpensive, come in different sizes and shapes and happen to be ideal to carry around everywhere. The notebook. A wonderful option to scribble down some notes wherever you are. The way you present your idea is highly flexible. Aside from writing down some words or sentences you can also scribble a chart or image if it fits your style.
You can carry it in your purse or in your pants or wherever else you want it to be. Just make sure to not forget a pen!
Additionally I suggest putting another notepad on your bedside table. Again with a pen of course! For me this is the most important place! I have the most ideas right before falling asleep and need to put them down asap lest they are forgotten.

Here are some notebook brands that I love and use:

I love them. Love love love them! Granted they’re not not cheap, but the quality and the feel is just exceptional.

They make some amazing products and I adore them as well!

Of course you can just pick up a cheap notebook at a store at half the cost if you prefer! 🙂

Voice recorder

If you are willing to record and listen to your own voice then a voice recorder is an excellent addition to your note taking. Especially when having your hands occupied a lot – like driving to work by car or taking a walk with your dog – being able to still save some ideas is gold. However if you are surrounded by people it might just be a liiittle awkward. Expect some weird stares 🙂

This is the voice recorder I’m using and a more affordable alternative:

Zoom H4n Pro 4
This is a wonderful device with an amazing sound although it’s on the expensive side. Since I use it to not only record my voice, but to record music and nature sounds as well, it was a great investment that I would make again anytime.

Sony ICD
Another more affordable option is this handy little Sony device. The sound is perfect for voice recording and it’s not as chunky as the H4n.


The Jack-of-all-trades of technology. Seriously how could we live without this handy little gadget? I still remember when they started to come up thinking to myself how unnecessary they were and now I can’t do without. With the right app you can easily turn your phone into a notepad or a voice recorder. Since you’re probably taking it with you anyway, it’s a convenient way to store an idea.
One downside is the danger of running out of juice. A portable charger can be a life saver. If you don’t break your phone 🙂
Another downside for people like myself is not being able to type fast enough on those little smartphone screens. Hopefully it works better for you than for me!

There are thousands and thousands of apps on the market and you’ll have to find one you like to use. Here are some apps that I recommend:

This is probably the most used note taking app of all and for good reason. Try and see if it fits your style. EverNote seems to have a voice recording functionality as well, although I haven’t used it yet.

OneNote is an app developed by Microsoft with a lot of features. They certainly know that they do. And they also support voice recording. How convenient!

Google Keep
Google is such a powerful company that I’m sometimes a little intimidated. Nevertheless their products are splendid. Google Keep has a voice recording function as well, that I haven’t used yet.

In any case make sure you to save your ideas as soon as possible in a second place. You never know when you’ll spill coffee over your notepad, lose your voice recorder or drop your phone. You wouldn’t be the first and you most certainly won’t be the last. Prevention of data loss is a big one! Don’t add additional grievance to a broken device.

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